Reality and desire, by Romana Loda

In one of his rare poetic statements, Jackson Pollock wrote: “Painting is a state of being; it is the discovery of oneself…” read more

Icons, by Carlo Milic

Popular culture grasps the sign of a perpetual, and at the same time, irremovable image from the icon. The icon as mystic, representative condition and form able to transmit the cultural theme… read more

Fragments & Surroundings, by Lorenzo Gresleri

The approach to the observation of and comment on Wanda Benatti’s work attempts to find here a proper method of reasoning that refuses a critical conclusion a priori in order to activate instead the beginning of a process totally in becoming. It attempts, that is, to offer itself as a system of open comment capable of receiving new contributions of criticism and reasoning at every point of its construction and in every phase of its becoming… read more

Landscape lost / landscape found, by Vladimiro Zocca

In this way, Wanda Benatti seeks to join together her being an artist and the maternal, feminine infinity. Then she seeks, wandering through colors and underground signs immersed in the existential magma of one who is attracted to the dimension of the origin and tries different paths to reach the clearing—Heidegger’s “lichtung,”… read more

Memory, by Alda Merini

…Color impassions the poet. It is his elementary jargon for becoming a child. Perhaps it is his cant’s root
and likewise the painter seeks befitting words…. read more

Flowers, by Roberto Vitali

Wanda Benatti’s work can be included, in some ways, in the context of Abstract Expressionism, but if we took this definition literally, it would be rather limited…. read more

Tribute to Wanda Benatti, by Glauco Gresleri

Let me tell you an anecdote. When the critic David D.Duncan showed up at the Picasso’s studio-workshop to talk to him about the publication that he wanted to do of his complete works, maybe he thought he could be received in a formal way or even invited for a coffee in the garden…. read more

Artistic glass windows:

Gaudy reflections, by Rafael Nunez Oneiros

Remote echoes … impalpable remembrances, light dust of lying time it fixes on the shining surface of an emotional mirror, always iridescent colours, infinitesimal networks of energy in a continuous evolution…. read more

The whole is more than the sum of its parts, by Sandro Malossini

Jules Crépieux, who is the real founder of graphology (even if this term was coined in 1870 by abbot Michon) makes a list of as many as 175 graphic peculiarities…. read more