My flowers

…An artist with his own works is the concrete link of the endless relation Nature/Man/Nature.  The cyclical rotation of the events is completed and defined by the power, the fantasy and the wisdom of man. A circulation of underground and unrestrainable lifeblood puts every human being into an instictive connection with nature. The rhythm becomes universal and symbiotic and so as nature reaches its climax in the creation of endless forms and colours, in the same way men can give the best of themselves in the “flowers” that their own sensitivity leads them to express.

The forms of these “flowers” can be endless for man too, but in these events man is always the centre of his own conscience and wisdom, the centre of love and despair, of courage and fear … he redescovers himself in his centre and at the centre of everything.

The deep breath of life wraps him up and plays with him the game of desire and balance. Occasionally some headless male and female figures appear in the “flowers”.

… These figures are archetypes, which are to be understood as symbols of the primitive power of the opposites. Through their constant relation with all the other expressive elements existing in the work, these archetypes hold a dialogue, become more refined and undergo a transformation. In this way, they give life to a perfectly independent object, that has only one need: to control profitably the tension that has generated it and divert it towards a more transcendent dimension. So, if we try to be more precise, we can say that these creations should be interpreted as dumb rituals of a universal religion which expresses the language of a still relevant and ancient prayer: the fight in life for life.

W. B.